About Us

BITEEU AUSTRALIA PTY LTD was launched in 2020 in Australia by the professionals with solid experience in the banking sector, the stock market and international public companies. It is a technologically advanced and fully compliant digital currency exchange in Australia with one of the most liquid order books on the market.

BITEEU AUSTRALIA PTY LTD in partnership with Bittrex, Dow Jones and SpaceChain offers our customers safe, compliant and comfortable trading experience. Our platform supports several languages including English, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. It provides round-the-clock customer service and ensures the safety of your assets and data at all times.

BITEEU AUSTRALIA PTY LTD platform is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices. BITEEU AUSTRALIA PTY LTD wallet has more than 50 digital currencies, and will continuously be adding more digital currencies throughout the year.

Our registration issued by the AUSTRAC in Australia at 12/08/2019.